Awaiting final approval for the lace placement

patches stitched to this Marine uniform 

2020 the year of masks...Each bride gets one when I work on her dress

Different Bustle

From Mom's Wedding  gown into 2 Christening gowns...1 for a daughter, the other for a son.  Both wear the same jacket and bonnet.    

Resized then re-beaded the area

Grandma's wedding dress re-purposed

Grandma's wedding dress re-purposed

​Corset RepairType your paragraph here.

From plain to bling...each of 5 bridesmaid's had a different pattern of rhinestones added to their dressr parahere.

Custom veil in champagne color to match the gownType your paragraph here.

This dress was ordered before the bride knew she was pregnant.              8.5 months fit into the dress after a panel was added.

Mom's First Communion dress with a few updates.

Custom made Flower Girl under-dress to keep the tulle off the skin !

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From this.--------------------->  to this

Mom's bridal shawl, Grandma's wedding dress & Great-Grandma's wedding dress transformed into Baby's Baptismal gown​

Christening gown made from pieces of the mother's and grandfather's own Christening gowns

Extreme bling added